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A Systematic Plan for Your Finances

We are a full-service, boutique firm providing holistic retirement planning and wealth management to help you reach your goals. We believe your objectives are at your fingertips, and we are uncompromising in our pursuit to reach them. We know it is our duty to provide the insight necessary to achieve the lifestyle you deserve, and we will do so while offering care that empowers you to make informed and confident decisions for your financial future.

Our Story

Our Architect

Logan Marcus, Esq.*


Our core principles, instilled in us by our founder, Logan Marcus, drive our team to exceed expectations. Logan wanted to build a reliable company capable of constructing financial plans to stand the test of time. Despite transitioning from the legal field in a traditional sense, she has retained her determination and commitment to do right by those who seek her guidance. We proudly design customized plans while managing the wealth to build our clients' dreams. When you work with us, your goals are ours, and we are steadfast in our determination and resolve to meet them. Meet Logan and learn more about our core philosophy below.

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Working toward financial stability through simple and comprehensive service.

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Pillars of Service

We are your dedicated firm for retirement planning and wealth management, and we take great pride in offering our comprehensive approach. Our principles are our foundation, and our methods are the pillars that support us, the standards that shape us and influence how we operate on behalf of our clients. We customize a blueprint specifically for you through deliberate analysis of your unique circumstances, goals, and desires. This thorough approach allows us to create the path to building your dreams.

The Framework of a Comprehensive Plan:

Wealth Management
Financial Planning
Income Planning
Business Strategies
Insurance Solutions
Tax Mitigation Strategies

Modern Education for Modern Planning

Our firm focuses on providing for your financial needs with a comprehensive plan that begins with education. That is why we offer opportunities to learn through instructional materials to help you understand the latest news and trends in the marketplace. From long-form content to breakdown videos to visually directed flyers, we are committed to making our site a resource and learning center for your growth and expanding your financial proficiency.

Resource Materials


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Let us solidify for you a plan that will last for generations.

— Logan MarcusFounder, Alpha Omega Wealth

Cover Your Assets showcases a unique blend of Logan's experience and is infused with her personality and wit. The show delivers general financial information and answers questions from regular listeners. During the show, Logan shares new methods of protecting and growing their wealth with listeners. By deconstructing complex financial topics and explaining them in simple terms, she aims to increase financial literacy. With nearly a decade of stories heard in the financial services industry, Logan proves that anyone confronted with a complex economic scenario is not alone. Even from behind the mic, Logan always believes in leading with a listening ear, allowing her to act in her client's best interests with a thorough understanding of their goals. Catch Logan on Cover Your Assets every Saturday on KFYI-AM 550 at 10 am and every Sunday at Noon in Phoenix. If you miss a show, you can stream past episodes now by clicking below or subscribing to your favorite podcasting platform!

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