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Our Orgins

Alpha and Omega bookend the Greek alphabet, which signifies the beginning and end of all ideas, languages, and creations, as well as life’s cyclical and unbroken nature. The comprehensive nature of the beginning and the end perfectly encapsulates the mission that drove us to open our firm. As an all-inclusive financial planning and wealth management firm, we seek to offer all the necessary services to help you achieve your goals. Establishing our relationship is the beginning of our journey together, setting the tone for future planning, and we know that our partnership with you will last a lifetime. We will help you navigate obstacles and stand by your side, guiding you regardless of bumpy waters or smooth sailing.

Alpha Omega’s Philosophy

Above all, we built Alpha Omega as a sanctuary for those seeking financial freedom and empowerment through preparation and education. Originating from the Phoenician word for ox, the lowercase Greek letter “alpha” even looks like the head of the animal often associated with strength – a trait we aim to personify when serving our clients. “Omega” is the final letter in the Greek alphabet and typically signifies vastness, importance, mightiness, and longevity – which we draw on to construct a durable and robust wealth management, accumulation, and protection plan meant to stand the test of time and weather even the most challenging obstacles.

Built by Fidelity

When our founder, Logan Marcus, decided to pursue financial services, she knew she would always uphold the commitment to her clients ingrained within her through her law practice. To this day, those principles are still the guiding factor in each decision she makes as she fights for her clients. Logan also believes that building a stable foundation for the advisor-client relationship is paramount, so each partnership begins with discussing your values and goals to establish trust. Only after each essential piece of her puzzle is in place and with a complete understanding of the client’s objectives can she solidify a plan tailor-made for each individual or family.

Working toward financial stability through simple and comprehensive service.

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Pillars of Service

We are your dedicated firm for retirement planning and wealth management, and we take great pride in offering our comprehensive approach. Our principles are our foundation, and our methods are the pillars that support us, the standards that shape us and influence how we operate on behalf of our clients. We customize a blueprint specifically for you through deliberate analysis of your unique circumstances, goals, and desires. This thorough approach allows us to create the path to building your dreams.

The Framework of a Comprehensive Plan:

Wealth Management
Financial Planning
Income Planning
Business Strategies
Insurance Solutions
Tax Mitigation Strategies

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